Our Personal Space

a sci-fi relationship simulation visual novel

"A tale of cooperation, peaceful, interesting lives, democracy, love and community" -- Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Little House on the Prairie mingled with Star Trek." -- JayIsGames

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

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Newlyweds Jack and Kelly have come to colonize the Earth-like planet of Talaam, along with two hundred other brave pioneers. They thought their love would be strong enough to hold them together no matter how difficult the circumstances. Their choices will decide their fate...

Praise for Our Personal Space

"...explores the adventure, romance, and everyday challenges of a new marriage on an alien planet." -Catherine White, author of Cupcake Girl

"...reiterates the fact that marriage is not the 'happily ever after.' It's the 'once upon a time.'" -Mary Tueller Whipple

"...delivers a heart-warming (or heart-breaking!) tale of two space colonists far from anything they might call familiar." -Lance Meibos



  • Control Kelly's fate by deciding her work schedule, hobbies, and time with Jack
  • Interactive dialogue lets the reader decide Kelly's attitude and approach to every event, as well as major decisions such as having a baby
  • 100,000 words of dialogue spread between 4 jobs, 7 hobbies, and 3 endings allow for a variety of playing styles
  • A community of interrelated NPCs with their own motivations, families, and stories
  • Science fiction setting blends modern technology and old-fashioned frontier improvisation
  • Open source code licensed under the GPLv3 and other licenses.

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