Our Personal Space 2: Space to Grow

in beta, coming summer 2021

a sci-fi parenting simulation visual novel


Jack and Kelly, the space colony newlyweds of Our Personal Space 1, are embarking on a new adventure - parenting. Be an authoritarian tiger dad, a laid-back buddy dad, or anything in between while also planning your farm to carefully meet your family's and community's needs.

Lead your community as you navigate between several factions: the rich megacorp R.E.T. from Earth and its miners, your fellow colonists, and a group of maverick farmers who leave the safety of the colony to live on their own. Your decisions will affect the future of your family, farm, and community.


  • Interactive dialogue lets the reader choose how to approach problems.
  • 150,000 words with branching options leading to one of 4 endings.
  • Parenting options based on modern child psychology and parenting research
  • Customizable farm where you balance crops for calories, nutrition, and value.
  • A realistic, diverse community with three separate factions.
Open source code licensed under the GPLv3 and other licenses.

Made with Ren'Py